Our Commitment to You

As a small business we are honored to be able to bring fabulous accessories to your closet. When we set out on our journey we knew the only way we could honor our vision would be to stand behind our products. 

If you have any issues with one our products, regardless of where you purchased it...yep we said regardless of where you purchased the item!!!! Email us at hello@leatherandlabs.com with where you purchased the item, photos of the item, and approximate date of purchase or order number if you have it. We will verify your purchase was made on one of our platforms or at one of retail partners then will let you know if your item is available for repair or replacement which is always our goal or if we will need to give you credit for a new item that is currently available. If we cannot verify your purchase was made at one of our retail partners or from us then we will email you for additional information.