How do we support other small businesses

I love that you are reading this because it means that you care.

We buy all of our wood from another family run company in the hills of Wisconsin who also believes we are to be responsible with the earth and her resources. When we read the following statement we knew that this is a business we are proud to call a partner.

As a small family-run business, we don't have any certifications, but we still make every effort to practice sustainable habits because we believe in responsibly stewarding the earth’s resources. Most of our domestic hardwoods grow locally here in the Midwest where sustainable practices have allowed the lumber industry to thrive for centuries. 

Our leather comes from a shop that has been with us since the very beginning when we were overwhelmed and had no clue about lasering leather and it was still super taboo in the leatherworking industry. They have been gracious and helped us grow and we are forever grateful and no matter how far away they may be now they are still our neighbors.

Our acrylic comes from a small shop in Utah. When the owner emailed us about a sheet of acrylic we purchased in our early days they won our business. When we are in Utah we know that we can stop in and say hi and would be treated like old friends.

Our metal pieces are hand punched in New York or sourced from a small supply shop in rural Iowa. We can go on and on with all our suppliers but hope that you can see our heart is in providing jobs to our neighbors as well as yours. 

If you own a small business that you think would make a great partner for us please email