The Cuff that Started it all

I have started to write this and deleted it a hundred times but feel like this is the time to share. 

In our community there is a quaint little church that sits on a hill and overlooks a beautiful valley and has some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. 

Zion Hill Community Church The cuff that started it all 

Like any small church there is a cemetery and in that cemetery is the most amazing girl that a young boy could have ever asked to have met. Their time together shaped him into a compassionate gentle teen so when tragedy took her away a great heeling had to begin.

In the heeling there was a desire to carry a part of her amazingness with him so her wisdom was engraved onto a leather cuff. Through the cities and hills of Tennessee to the heat of the summer on a cattle farm that cuff has seen so much. The start to all our leather engraving is owed to one amazing kind girl.