Lasts all Day we Guarantee it!!!

Oh ya you read that right!!! We believe in this hairclip that much. We have put it through all the Mom paces and it has excelled at each and every Mom task.

All Day Baby

Unlike kids and their summer antics you will actually want this in your hair.

Seriously how can we convince you?

Is it with our holds all day long or send it back and we will make it right. Or is it that we have 2 sizes one for long hair and one for shorter hair.

Seriously the smaller hair clips will work for shoulder length hair while the larger ones will keep those longer locks under control.

Two sizes for your convenience!

Up to approximately shoulder length hair can totally rock the Medium size! Most people prefer the smaller size and it is small but mighty.

Longer Thicker Hair??

Absolutely grab the large size and put it to the test!!!

  • All Day Shopping

    Teens and Grandma at Costco on a Sunday....holy smokes this is madness alone but then add in the 2 page shopping list and just grab the flat cart because this is a haul.

  • Mowing the Lawn

    I sure miss my tiny mow in a few minutes patch of grass in Texas because here I gotta mow every single week and it's a chore for sure. But this keeps my hair up and contained in the heat!

  • Wind in your Hair

    Days where you just need to ride with all the windows down and let the fresh air soothe your soul. Oh yes it holds the hair nice and secure but doesn't protect you against bugs.